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Contractualism In Employment Services

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'For the modern welfare state support' for those who are out of work through no fault of their own remains a foundation stone. Now, however, under pressure form market-driven ideology focused on business performance, its composition and the way support is delivered is in a state of flux. With the avowed objective of minimizing dependence on social benefits and increasing labour market efficiency, many national policies with varying degrees of thoroughness are shifting from a bureaucratic approach to some form of contract arrangement that demands a higher level of personal responsibility from the unemployed worker. The contractualisation process is usually administered through a 'reintegration service' that may be partly or wholly privatised. This remarkable book is the first comparative in-depth study of the process of contractualisation. It offers seventeen penetrating analyses, by leading labour market and labour law authorities, of recent policy initiatives to activate employment by contract and the implications of these initiatives from both legal and a socioeconomic perspective. Among the issue explored are the following: motivation, mobility, and flexibility in the labour market; effect of contractualisation on public accountability and responsibility; effect on the individual's statutory relationship under social security; whether and to what extent the conditions on which one country successfully introduces contractualisation apply to other countries; and, the unemployed individual as 'contract partner': What conditions can he or she set? The analyses focus on experience with contracts as service deliverance in the labour markets of eight countries: Australia, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Finland. Because a certain measure of experience has already been built up by governments, providers, and clients, now is the time to try and learn form good as well as bad practices in order to build coherent institutional frameworks to help the unemployed. This book is sure to bring insight and effectiveness to the work of professionals, officials, and politicians in this policy field, and will be of special practical value to labour law practitioners, academic researchers and libraries, trade unions, policymakers, and corporate counsel.

There's A Nasty Cancer In The Health Service

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Never one to shy away from putting his head above the parapet, John Riddington-Young has been outspoken on the state of the NHS for a number of years. His decades of clinical experience have earned him the right to speak as he finds, and what he finds he does not like.

In this latest examination of the problems he sees within the National Health Service, he uses examples drawn from both his personal experiences and front page news to illustrate his central point over and over again. The more the NHS is run by target-oriented businessmen, the poorer the service.

What is required is a return to the skills drilled into doctors and nurses in the past, the values which drove them to choose medicine as a career, and the vocation which they knew would bring them a lifetime of hard work, long hours and responsibility.

Hospitals need doctors more than they need managers and a simple solution exists which would start to stem the tide of dissatisfaction felt by patients and staff alike: get rid of all the managers and administrators.

The Service Economy - A Graphical Approach

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The Service Economy A Geographical Approach Sven Illeris Roskilde University, Denmark Services dominate the modern economy. This controversial and important book reviews research into the development and future of the service economy. Professor Illeris synthesises not only English language research on the nature and function of services, but also introduces the lesser-known but equally important work done on services by researchers in other languages which often reaches surprising and challenging conclusions. While the emphasis is on producer services in the western world, due consideration is also given to the role and significance of personal and household services which have been frequently ignored in the literature. The approach adopted is geographical and macro-economic and among the topics discussed are the nature and classification of service activities, the role and importance of services in the overall economy and the increasing importance of services in regional development and international trade. The overall theme of the book is how our society has been transformed into a service economy and what this implies for individuals, institutions and states as both producers and consumers of services. This is a key text for students and researchers of economics, economic geography, planning, regional science and applied social science as well as of interest to planners, consultants and managers in service industries and government.

International Air Transport In A Changing World

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The national reports in Transport Law deal with transport law in its broadest sense: jurisdiction, state immunity, & the main sources of transport law. With reference to maritime law, the reader will find information on the legal status of the vessel, its acquisition, ownership, & registration. Other topics discussed: maritime liens & mortgages, the position of master & crew, liability & limitation of liability (L.L.M.C. Convention 1976), charter parties & Transport under Bill of Lading (Hague-Visby Rules), transport by air (Warsaw Convention & related conventions), transport by rail (C.O.T.I.F. Convention), & inland navigation. A special chapter covers Multimodal Transport. Finally, European Union (EU) Competition Law in the field of transport is discussed. Current national monographs include Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Philippines, & Switzerland. International monographs address the following topics: marine pollution, salvage, the Hamburg Rules as well as the U.N. Convention on Multimodal Transport, the limitation of liability for maritime claims (the L.L.M.C. 1976 Convention) as well as the position of the international maritime organisation (I.M.O.) the Comite Maritime International (CMI) & Bimco. Update frequency: 4-6 supplements per year.

Networks And New Services

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This book shines a beam of light towards tomorrow's network architectures and their emerging service environments, while considering the transformation that has already taken place. From the perspective of the rapid changes that have already shaken the industry, the authors examine the road ahead for communications: - is it a consolidation of technologies or a structural transformation? One thing is clear - the future communication environment will be fundamentally different from what we experience today.

The book presents an analysis of the major catalytic shifts that are shaping the telecommunications world:  Software-Defined Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. These technologies can be deployed in traditional ways, and transform services via a 'slow burn' approach, or can be constructed as bolder designs of advanced infrastructures that revolutionize the whole landscape and its value chains.

When searching for the appropriate strategic path, this book can guide the reader through the maze of possible architectural choices, driven by discriminating, and sometimes conflicting business considerations. The book shows how these different technologies can be integrated, and how such integration can enable new services, and probably new business opportunities.

Software assumes a definitive role in the vision of the future network, in every industry, including communications. In particular, the integration of new ICT capabilities will continue to shape the evolution of communication systems towards a new smarter environment that will enrich human communication. This process of 'softwarization' disrupts the current status quo at equipment development, network installation, network management, operations and business levels. The effects change who the stakeholders are, how they interact and what roles they play. Hence, it is important to understand the impact of steps towards softwarization and turn the effects into advantages.


In future, ICT ecosystem could latch on to new technologies that enable an entirely new paradigm, e.g. smart environments where the application domains are backed up by shared networking, not individual networks that also support some applications. Characterized by its unique user-centric approach, this book presents a view of evolution driven by the need to satisfy the human requirements, whether in person-to-person or in machine interactions. Growing user power is becoming a key motivator in reforming the communication paradigm and in accelerating the softwarization process. 


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